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Aestiva Procurement is procurement. All kinds of procurement. Purchase Requisitions. Purchase Orders. RFQs. Inventory. Asset Management. And more. All kinds of processes. Automated your way. As a paperwork automation company we do it all. Call today.

Sample procurement scenarios:
‣ Request-PO-Receive-Match-Pay  (more)
‣ Request-RFQ-PO-Receive-Invoice-Pay  (more)
‣ Request-PO-Receive-InvoiceRoute-Pay  (more)
‣ Request-PO-MultiReceive-Invoice-Pay  (more)
‣ GenRequest-Split-PO-Invoice-Pay  (more)

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Affordable Too
As a world-leader in paperwork automation you'll enjoy powerful and carefree technology. There are no recurring license fees. And Aestiva can do just about anything you want. The solution priced below is for a Request-RFQ-PO-Receive-Invoice (more) process. On-site analysis and systems integration have not been included. Call for details.

Price Tiers for Aestiva Procurement Software
One-time (non-recurring) pricing based on number of active named users.
Price below includes setup and installation. Please call for quotation.

PR-5 $5,695 (Up to 5 users)
Plus $380 per additional user.
PR-50 $16,695 (Up to 50 users)
Plus $299 per additional user.
PR-150 $34,195 (Up to 150 users)
Plus $229 per additional user.
Other Call for pricing.
Scaleable to 100,000+ users.
*Cloud Hosting option also available.

Procurement Software - Related Systems

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Procurement Software - Enterprise Systems

Aestiva Procurement can be installed for the entire enterprise. Aestiva delivers:

  • Multi-Lingual and Multi-Currency Procurement Systems
  • Distributed Systems (Servers installed around the world)
  • Scaling to Over 100,000 Users
  • Solutions Hosted In-House or 100% Outsourced
  • Deployment Planning and Opportunity Consulting

Aestiva's Enterprise Procurement Systems have low-IT overhead and can be deployed quickly. Our "simple-is-better" design philosophy matches well with the goals of Aestiva's enterprise customers. For further information please call Aestiva and ask for an Enterprise Deployment expert.

Procurement System Software Extensions

This procurement system may be extended with a wide variety of procurement software add-ons and procurement software extensions. For further information please speak to your Aestiva Account Coordinator.

Partial (alphabetical) list of extensions:

Budget Modules - A variety of off-the-shelf and custom budget modules are available. Modules allow you to upload annual, monthly, or quarterly budget data (tied to GL Codes/Departments), project-based budgets and/or place limits on users based on their budget authority. Call for pricing.

Custom Blanket PO System - Base procurement system allows you to set up Blanket POs and mark off received goods. Add-ons can include approval notification when changes exceed pre-defined thresholds, expirations, and manual sign-off requests. Call for pricing.

Customized Approval Flow - Base procurement system includes comprehensive budget approval flow module. However, in cases where company-specific hierarchies are in place, Procurement can be extended with custom approval tables to ensure ease of administration. Procurement software also allows manual requests for sign-off. Call for pricing.

Custom POs - Special purpose extension to the procurement system that allows one to use special-purpose Purchase Order screens for Leases, IT expenses (with serialization and RMA support), Contracts, Service Orders, and Construction (with contractor back-charge notification). Call for pricing.

Custom Receiving Tools - The base procurement system includes support for full or partial receipt of goods. Custom tools can be added for handling RMAs, asset tracking, and QA reviews. Call for pricing.

Custom Shipping - Dual stand-alone and integrated management of shipments/release of items for use outside of entity. Call for pricing.

EDI Services - A variety of advanced services for setting up and maintaining EDI exchanges with suppliers, customers, and partners is available. Call for pricing.

Expense Forms - Special purpose forms for travel and non-travel related reimbursements, and check requests. Can be used to launch/manage expense-related purchases. Call for pricing.

GSA Module - Splits line items based on direct and indirect procurement expenses. Includes GSA data integration. Call for pricing.

Invoice Approval - Enterprise - Invoice Request form with invoice(s) attachments, return management, etc. Call for pricing.

Language Support - This product may be delivered in almost any language. Call for pricing.

Logistics Forms - Forms and Tools for managing the movement of procured goods. Call for pricing.

Item Catalog - An advanced vendor and item catalog is included with the base product. The base procurement system includes auto-capture of items ordered, a google-like search, vendor territories, and vendor categorization. Custom catalogs can include image-based navigation, corporate-approved product catalogs, and/or stock/non-stock item controls. Call for pricing.

Order Entry - Can be linked to purchasing, inventory, inventory pick-lists, cost and markup analysis, and drop-ship. Call for pricing.

Problem and QA Reports - Special purpose forms for managing problems that arise in relation to received goods. Call for pricing.

RFX Forms - Enterprise - Creation of RFX form is included with the base product. Additional features can include awards, award notification, conversion to Purchase Orders, web-based vendor signup, review, and approval. Call for pricing.

Smart Spend Modules - Creation of spend analysis reporting and lookup selection screens to promote lowest-price selection and greater visibility to spend information during the purchase process. Call for pricing.

Split Reporting - Ability to split individual line items in the procurement system into multiple codes based on unit price, extended price, and/or percent split or based on previously saved split. Call for pricing.

Template Kits - Ability to define sets of purchasing forms and have them auto-submit for approval on a recurring basis. Note: Ability to create template kits is included in base product. This feature allows for added functionality. Call for pricing.

Vendor Analysis/Spend Management - Ability to issue vendor reports and vendor problem reports and report on vendor history. Call for pricing.

Vendor Request Form - The base procurement system already includes the ability to perform simple Vendor Requests with automated approval. However, if a new form is needed with a custom approval flow to manage the Vendor Request process, a module is available. For more information, see the product, Aestiva Vendor Request.

Vendor Punchout - The base procurement system can be integrated with vendor web sites. When this happens you no longer need to shop on the vendor site - saving you time and money. Instead, you access the vendor site from within Aestiva Purchase Order. For more information, see the product, Aestiva Punchout.

Vendor Sign-off - Ability to require and report on outside vendor confirmation requests. Can support other vendor check-offs related to order fulfillment. Call for pricing.

Warehouse Check In/Out - Variety of forms and methods available. Call for pricing.

General Information Box
About Procurement Software
Automating a procurement process requires procurement software. Procurement processes vary. They can include purchase order management processes, receiving, invoicing, RFQ Management, and more.

At Aestiva, we use the term procurement software to indicate software that also manages multi-supplier purchase requests. These situations require software tools to split the purchase requests into one or more requisitions.

An Aestiva Procurement Software system, like our Purchase Order systems, can be expanded with the modules you need. A Procurement Software System is not really a single product. It is a family of products that constitute a system. A Procurement Software system can be stand-alone or integrated with a ERP system, for example. It can be single-currency or multi-currency, single-language or multi-language. Procurement Systems can be set up for manufacturing or government agencies, for banks or retail chains. They can be installed on your own equipment or the cloud.

A Truly International Procurement System
These procurement systems are available in multiple languages. Whether you're writing Purchase Orders in Mexico City or New York, the concepts are the same. Purchasing Software needs to provide automation, audit, visibility, and ease-of-use. Procurement Software is used to streamline operations and control spend. The front-end of the procurement system can appear in any language. Multi-language Procurement Software versions are also provided.

Procurement Software Your Can Trust
Aestiva is a leader in Procurement Software. Aestiva sells 5-user systems and 1000+ Purchasing Systems. Our procurement systems serve chain stores, large manufacturing facilities, supply chain, oil and gas, finance, government, and more. If your organization needs to streamline a procurement process then you can benefit from an Aestiva Procurement Software package.

The Topic of Procurement Software Flexibility
When looking for a Procurement Software supplier, it is important to ask about their deployment process. Many Procurement Software companies have limited technology for customizing systems. Yet, customizing a Procurement Software system is a basic element of deployment. Success comes from selecting a Procurement Software vendor with maximum ability to adapt to your needs, whether you know them at the time of purchase, or not.

It is also important to choose a Procurement Software supplier able to scale a Procurement Software system in terms of increasing the number of users on the Procurement System -- especially if you eventually would like your system to be adopted as your enterprise procurement system. Your Procurement Software supplier should also be able to add more modules to your procurement system, even after the Procurement Software product has been deployed.

Getting Sophisticated with your Procurement Software System
When buying a Procurement System it is useful to select a firm able to assemble sophisticated add-ons, from scratch, at a reasonable price. As an example, suppose your Procurement Software system manages POs and inventory in a manufacturing firm. The ability to set up routines to generate purchase orders so they minimize inventory levels using sales history, sales projections and past inventory levels, might be important to you. As another example, if you drill oil wells you may want your Procurement Software system to also manage different aspects of your drilling projects so budgets, tasks, and Purchase Orders are related. Extending Procurement Software systems can provide huge rewards.
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